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Stay up to date on the latest legal issues and developments in the law. Criminal law is constantly evolving and with each new Supreme Court and Appellate Court decision your rights and freedoms are clarified. Knowing how the law is evolving is critical to protecting your rights and freedoms. 

Did you know the police can legally lie to you? 


Yes, police are allowed to lie. An often repeated myth is that if you ask a person if they are a police officer, that they must tell you the truth. I have no idea where this belief came from but it could not be further from the truth. 


Learn how to protect yourself by understanding the 10 most common ways police can lie to you. They can tell you that they have your DNA (when they do not), fingerprints, or an eyewitness placing you at the scene of the crime. These lies can often lead to false confessions. 


Remove a criminal charge from your record.

One of the most common questions a criminal defense attorney hears from potential clients is, "how can a criminal conviction be removed from a persons' record?"​


The process for expungement (dismissal in California) is extremely easy, if you qualify. You can read more about eligibility for expungements and the process to a clean record in this article. We offer expungement services free to individuals who financially qualify for a Public Defender.  


How to choose the best Criminal Defense Lawyer for your case. 


There are many criminal defense lawyers in San Diego and choosing the best criminal defense lawyer for your case can be a confusing and time consuming process. 

Click here to read 5 helpful tips on how to choose the best criminal defense lawyer for your case. Remember to always check a lawyers' history of discipline on the State Bar of California's website. 


The Terrifying Truth About Netflix's Making a Murderer 


The compelling Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer" is receiving rave-reviews. It is rare that our media culture devours and digests true-crime stories with such ferver, however there are some important things left out of the documentary - most importantly - how what happened to Brendan Dassey could happen to you. 


Most people think that they are pretty smart - and therefore they would never falsely confess like Brendan Dassey - the statistics will shockingly prove you wrong. 


Evidence Not Included In Netflix's Making a Murderer 


The compelling Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer"  is 10 hours long - which means that it has a lot of information within it. 


However, it would be impossible to condensce all the information from Steven Avery's trial into a 10 hour documentary, so some of the evidence had to be cut out. Here are some of the more compelling pieces of evidence that tend to support Steven Avery's innocence. 


Where can I find a free lawyer in San Diego? 


The answer to this question depends on your particular case.  Even if you cannot afford an attorney, you will be able to work with some of the best lawyers in San Diego through some very reputable public and private agencies that provide pro bono service.  Click on the links below for a full list of free and discounted legal services available to you in the San Diego area. 

Our mission to the San Diego community is to ensure that anyone who needs legal help can find it regardless of their budget. 



What is San Diego Community Court? 


San Diego has a unique new program called "community court," which is designed to divert low-level offenders out of the court system - however there are plenty of catches here.


First, community court requires you to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. Second, it requires performance of community service, which if not performed within a specific time period will result in mandatory jail time. Consult with a San Diego criminal lawyer before entertaining any community court offer. 


How can a criminal defense lawyer beat my DUI charge? 

There is no single formula for determining how to beat a DUI charge however there are a number of tried and true methods for raising reasonable doubt. 


DUI charges are very fact specific. If nobody was injured and there is no property damage, you have a much higher probability of winning a DUI charge. Click here to learn more about ht emost common ways to successfully challenge a DUI charge.


How to spot bad legal advice on the internet? 


There is a surprising amount of bad legal advice on the internet - and as a criminal defense attorney I frequently here potential clients cite dubious internet advice.   


Most San Diego criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations and you should take advantage of this fact. A free consultation can typically clarify the confusion that results from reading bad legal advice on the internet. Learn how to spot bad legal advice here. 

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