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Our criminal justice system provides no real justice - it is an institution that systematically disenfranchises minority groups and the working poor. This is as true in San Diego as it is in every other city in America. As a citizen, you deserve better than a system where a public defender has 5 minutes to look at your file before trying to talk you into a plea deal that will leave you with a criminal record, heavy penalties, and potentially jail time. As people, we deserve to be treated better than a product moving through an assembly line. The criminal justice process is confusing, and when you are seeking justice it is often confusing to know where to even begin. Our criminal justice system should not be this way. 


The Law Office of Nicholas J. Moore provides affordable and discounted legal services with the goal of closing the access to justice gap. We offer flat fees for criminal defense services and payment plans to ensure that you can afford the representation that you deserve. We are criminal justice lawyers who want to be your advocates - we want to be the people telling a jury of your peers that you are not guilty of the crimes for which your are accused. Our top priority is client satisfaction. 

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas Moore

Nicholas J. Moore

SuperLawyers "Rising Star"
2016 and 2017 Award Winner
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We publish our rates because finding the rates of a criminal defense attorney online is impossible - and it should not be impossible to find a criminal defense attorney that you can afford. 
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Many legal problems can simply be solved by filing the right paperwork with the right court. If there is a legal solution to your answer that you can easily do on your own - we will not try and sell you on unnecessary legal work.
We will match any competing San Diego criminal defense lawyer's published rates for expungments, restraining orders, and misdemeanors






Charge: Aggravated Grand Theft

Amount: $1.3 Million

Result: Hung Jury

Charge: Concealed Firearm Possession

Result: Case Dismissed

Charge: Grand Theft from Government Agency

Amount: Exceeding $65,000

Result: Hung Jury

Arrested For: Transportation of Narcotics

Amount: More than 4 Kilograms

Result: Evidence Suppressed - Case Dismissed

Charge: Forgery (PC470)

Result: Not Guilty

Charge: Assault on a Police Officer

Result: Not Guilty





Highest Standards of Professional Responsibility and Ethics 

Nicholas J. Moore is a criminal defense attorney of the highest ethical calibur. He received the Witkin award and the Jefferson Medal for Professional Responsibility, and he has the highest rating of professional conduct on Avvo. Mr. Moore was recognized as the 2001 Volunteer of the Year for the Metropolitan Milwaukee YMCA. He currently volunteers as a board member at the Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego and on the San Diego YMCA Board of Governors.


It should not be difficult to find a trustworthy lawyer. My office is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. If we are not the right attorneys for your matter, we will tell you, and try to help you find the best attorney in San Diego for you in terms of both quality and cost.  Most people need a lawyer more than once in their lifetime. Clients return, not just because we do excellent work, but because they know that no matter what their situation, we will do what is best for them. We don't try to sell clients on unnecssary services, or something they can easily do themselves. Nicholas J. Moore is a criminal defense attorney that you can trust with your life. 

Rising Star 2016 Award Winner

San Diego Criminal Defense

There are dozens of professional legal organizations that recognize criminal defense attorneys with awards. Some of these organizations are by invitation such as the National Trial Lawyers Association, SuperLawyers, and the American Board of Trial Advocates. Other organizations such as the San Diego County Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, are open to all attorneys. We are proud members of the San Diego County Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. For the year 2016, San Diego criminal defense attorney Nicholas J. Moore was selected to the Super Lawyers Rising Star list for criminal defense. Only 2.5% of attorneys in the state of California receive such distinction. 

Over $7 Million of White Collar

Criminal Defense Trials and Appeals

White collar trials are marathons, and you need somebody who has ran marathons. Mr. Moore's largest white collar matter took 3 years to bring the defendant to trial. That case had over 2 million documents seized, and over 100,000 pages of discovery. The 9 week trial had over 700 exhibits. 


The vast majority of trials take less than 3 days to complete. White collar cases take years.  Clients hire Mr. Moore on white collar cases because of his business background. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, class of 2006. Clients also hire Mr. Moore because he uses technology in ways that other lawyers cannot - saving clients time and money. White collar criminal cases produce literal mountains of paperwork.  A tech savvy criminal lawyer can accomplish the task in half the time. Because of these advances in technology, white collar criminal defense has never been more affordable.

If you are charged with a white collar crime, you will need to hire an expert witness to help prepare your case. We have worked with top forensic accountants and we know how to get you the best rate and keep their scope of work narrow - saving you money. 


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This site is for information only. Use of this website does not create an attorney client relationship. This site is not legal advice. Legal advice is specific direction related to the unique circumstances of your legal issue. This website is not a substitute for a consultation with a California licensed criminal defense attorney. We invite you to contact us with any legal or criminal defense question you might have. 


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