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San Diego Criminal Lawyer
San Diego Criminal Lawyer

Independent Criminal Investigation

Using ex-Police and Federal Agents to Investigate Your Case Explained by a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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Criminal Investigation: Process and Pricing


After your arrest

If you are arrested for a serious felony, such as fraud - it is likely the result of lengthy police or federal investigation. That investigation, however, continues through trial. For example, if police note suspicious activity on your electronic monitoring (house arrest), they will investigate that and use examples of suspicious activity at sentencing to enhance your sentence. 


What is an Independent Criminal Investigation

An independent criminal investigation will ensure you that every possible hole in the prosecutions case can be found. 


A solid indepdent investigation can sometimes be done with just an attorney, but witnesses should always be interviewed by a 3rd party investigator to preserve the integrity of their statements. At minimum we require an indendent investigator to interview witnesses because it avoids making the attorney a witness at trial if a witness changes their story. 


Who performs the indepdent investigation

We use former police and federal investigators to dig for mitigating factors and exculpatory evidence. They will point out flaws in the collection and interpretation of evidence. Many times, criminal trial requires expert testimony. We use only the highest rated experts in San Diego to look at the facts independently and offer their expert opinion. 


How much does an indepdent investigation cost?

That answer varies depending on the specific facts of your criminal case. Typical rates for independent criminal investigators vary from $30-200/hr. For example, if the task is interviewing an easy to find witness, the fee can run as low as $100 total (1 hour for the interview, 1 hour to type the report). On the more expensive side, If you need to have a forensic accountant analyze fraud allegations - their fee can be costly and upwards of $200/hour. Hiring a San Diego criminal lawyer who has been counsel on over $7 million of white collar criminal charges and appeals is a way to greatly reduce your investigators cost because I know who the experts are, and how to narrow the scope of their work to save you money.


DO NOT PERFORM AN INVESTIGATION YOURSELF. It can be charged as witness intimidation (even having a family member try to do an investigation) which is a serious felony. 
We are professionals - we will help you through this process with full transparency.