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San Diego Criminal Lawyer

California Expungement of Criminal Records

An expungement is an opportunity to start fresh, with a clean record. If you are searching for a job, you know just how valuable a clean record can be - it's the difference between getting the job you are hoping for and not. We can get clean your record in as fast as 30 days. 

How to "Clean Up" Your Record With An Expungement Attorney

It is possible to have your case dismissed even after you have been convicted by a jury or pled guilty to a crime. Technically, there is no such thing as an "expungement" in California - we call them "dismissals," and they are quick and easy. The first step to obtaining a dismissal is to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine if you are eligible for a dismissal, because not all convictions are eligible. 


We offer FREE EXPUNGEMENTS to individuals who qualify for a public defender

If you financially qualify for a public defender, we offer FREE EXPUNGEMENTS - because America is the land of second chances (and third and fourth chances) and nobody should be denied a clean record simply because they cannot afford it. If you want to clean up your criminal record by applying for an expungement, but you can't afford the high fees that other criminal lawyers are charging, then you should call San Diego criminal defense attorney Nicholas Moore today. 


What is an Expungement?

An expungement is a dismissal of your case. If you were convicted, or even if you plead guilty, it is still possible to have your case dismissed via an expungement. You can do these on your own, but it is advised that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to make sure you get the expungement you deserve. Certain crimes are presumptively ineligible for an expungement, including most sex offenses, and offenses for which you spent time in state or federal prison. 


Expungements only apply to convictions under California law. If you were convicted under federal law, there is unfortunately no method for you to have your record expunged and your case dismissed. To learn more about expungements, including whether you qualify for a free expungement, please follow the link below to learn more.