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San Diego Criminal Lawyer

California Fraud Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney


Award winning San Diego criminal defense lawyer Nicholas J. Moore has defended more than $7 million dollars of aggravated fraud charges. When you are charged with fraud, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights, your future, and your reputation. 

How to Defend Against a Fraud Charge

There are many different types of fraud - but as a general proposition fraud is defined as an act of dishonesty for personal gain or to escape liability for one's actions. Some of the more common types of fraud are: forgery, embezzlement, check kiting, identity theft, and making false statements. 


Our award-winning San Diego criminal defense attorneys have tried over $7.5 million in fraud charges. A fraud charge is a type of white collar criminal charge. Fraud and White Collar criminal charges are unique because they are extremely complex charges that deal with financial documents, income statements, bank accounts and hundreds if not thousands of transactions. A fraud criminal charge is a serious allegation and you should be wary of criminal defense attorneys willing to take these cases on the cheap. Because of the amount of effort involved in successfully defending a fraud charge you can expect it to cost significantly more than a DUI or Domestic Violence charge (2 of the more common criminal allegations).  


Be sure to ask your criminal defense attorney if they have tried fraud cases before: What was the value amount? How long did the trial last? What was their strategy in picking a jury? What was the outcome? 


San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas J. Moore has successfully defended over $1.3 million dollars in fraud and grand theft allegations over a 9 week trial with over 100,000 pages of discovery. Mr. Moore's Wharton School of Business background was an essential asset to the successful defense as he was able to poke numerous holes in the prosecutions shoddy and poorly constructed financial analysis of accounts.