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Fraud charges can destroy a person's career and damage their reputation with their friends, family and the community. This is because the defining trait of a fraud charge is dishonesty, either for financial gain or to escape culpability.  Fraud charges are usually complex, and document based. An experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney can sometimes successfully suppress the documents that form the underlying basis for fraud charges, and in doing so, make it likely the case will be dismissed, or the charges reduced.  Below are some of the most common examples of fraud.  


What is Fraud? 

Fraud is an act of dishonesty for financial gain or to escape culpability for one's actions. There are many types of fraud charges that cover a wide range of behaviors. 


Examples of Fraud:

  • Presenting a fake ID to get into a bar


  • Using a credit card with no intent to pay the bill


  • Bernie Maddoff's ponzi scheme 



Credit Card Fraud


Credit card fraud is similar to check fraud. Credit card fraud in California involves a fraudulent transaction or attempt to make a transaction using a debit or credit card. Some common examples of behavior that can land a credit card fraud charge include: using someone else's credit card without their consent, selling fake credit cards, or using your own debit/credit card with no intention to pay the bill or balance.  


Credit card fraud is a serious accusation that can make it very difficult for you to obtain future credit, a home loan, or even student loans. 

Check Fraud


Check fraud is becoming less common in the digital age, but still a very common type of fraud charge. If you have a bogus check, and intend to defraud the payee by representing that the check is genuine or valid, then you are committing check fraud and you need to know an experienced San Diego criminal lawyer, because it is only a matter of time.  


The most common type of check fraud is a violation of California's bad checks law, which makes it a crime to pass a check knowing that there are insufficient funds to cover the expense.  

Elder Fraud


Elder fraud is a serious crime with harsh consequences (up to 5 years for a felony conviction). Elder Fraud is most commonly brought against children who manage their retired parents finances. Typically these charges are brought as a result of disgruntled or greedy siblings looking to squeeze you out of an inheritance or increase their own inheritance. Caring for an elderly parent is difficult enough without having accusations of fraud or elder abuse thrown at you. If you have been accused or arrested for elder fraud or elder abuse, you need to call a San Diego criminal lawyer immediately.  


California Senior Fraud

San Diego Nursing Home Fraud

Elder Abuse


Fake ID


A fake ID criminal charge is very serious and has long term consequences that many young adults do not understand. A conviction for possession of a fake ID is a crime of moral turpitude, and relfective of a "dishonest" character in the eyes of the court, and many employers and professional licensing organizations. 


California laws against forging or counterfeiting a driver's license or ID card

California False Personation Law


Forgery and Identity Theft


Forgery and identity theft are common charges associated with underage drinking. If the police suspect that you are using a fake id, they will ask you, and if you admit the ID is fake, then you may be facing multiple forgery or identity theft charges. Using someone else's ID is considered identity theft. If you tell the police you didn't steal your friend/brother/sister's ID, and that they gave it to you, then you are implicating them in a conspiracy.  Becareful and hire a San Diego criminal lawyer to talk to the police for you, so you don't incriminate yourself or a loved one. 


Forging, counterfeiting, or possessing a fraudulent public seal

California Internet Fraud

Insurance Fraud


Insurance companies say they want to protect us, but they fiercely litigate against anyone suspected of attempting to defraud them. Minor inconsistencies in written statements can sometimes lead to a full-blown fraud investigation. Attempting to escape culpability for an accident, or falsely claiming losses on an insurance form are two common examples of Insurance Fraud.  An insurance fraud charge can make life extremely difficult, and potentially make you uninsurable (what company is going to take the risk of covering someone accused of fraud?). 


Automobile Insurance Fraud

Health Care Insurance Fraud

Medi-Cal Insurance Fraud

California Unemployment Insurance Fraud

California Welfare Fraud

California Workers' Compensation Fraud

Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud


While the crisis of 2008 and 2009 is behind us, real estate and mortgage fraud are still hot topics. The big offenders are not just the big banks, and sometimes individuals simply trying to sell their home are accused of fraud for something as minor as failing to disclose a condition or defect that you did not know about. 


San Diego Foreclosure Fraud

California Laws Against Forged Deed

California Predatory Lending Schemes

Illegal Property Flipping in San Diego

California Rent Skimming Laws

California Straw Buyer Scheme

California Phantom Help Schemes