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My Promise: Thorough, and transparent discussions about the law and your legal options, including whether you are entitled to money.  


Many lawyers offer free consultations, but all they do is tell you that you need to hire a lawyer to resolve your issue.  My consultations are different.  Instead of trying to sell you on my legal services, I help you evaluate your case and decide what lawyer you need and who you should hire. If you want the most experienced DUI attorney in San Diego, but don't want to pay top dollar, I'll help you find the best in your price range.  If you need to hire a domestic violence lawyer who is solid in trial, and has a soft touch, I know top recommendations.  If a loved one has been charged with Homicide, and you need the best felony trial lawyer in San Diego, I know exactly whom I should advise you to retain.  


Often times your legal concerns have overlapping areas of law.  It's important to find an attorney who can help you under stand the criminal legal process and the civil law process.  What can you reasonably expect from the criminal justice system? Do you have a claim for damages that entitle you to money? Have you been injured?  My consultations are thorough, and will help eliminate the mystery of the legal process so that you understand what needs to happen to protect your rights, win you money, or provide peace of mind.  


There are so many free resources and lawyers that many times you do not need to hire an attorney.  I won't try and sell you something that you can do yourself. I will tell you exactly how you can resolve your criminal or civil issue for free.  You may need a free attorney.  There are many options, and I make them easy for you to find. (Click here for Free San Diego Legal Resources)


I want to be fully open and transparent about the legal process so that there is no mystery to you, because my top priorities are earning my client's trust and confidence, and making sure that everything that can be done under the law will be done in their best interests. The vast majority of people need an attorney more than once in their life.  My clients return because they know they can trust me.  


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This site is for information only. Use of this website does not create an attorney client relationship. This site is not legal advice. Legal advice is specific direction related to the unique circumstances of your legal issue. This website is not a substitute for a consultation with a California licensed criminal defense attorney. We invite you to contact us with any legal or criminal defense question you might have. 


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