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San Diego Criminal Lawyer

California Gang-Related Criminal Defense Attorney


Experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney Nicholas Moore will defend you against false accusations of participation in a gang, and other gang-related criminal charges. 

How to Defend Yourself Against Gang-Related Criminal Charges

The California justice system has been at war with gangs for decades - but it is really a war on poor people of color. Gang-enhancements are often alleged when the connection of a defendant to a gang is a flimsy as liking certain pages on facebook or pictures that co-incidentally show the defendant wearing colors associated with a gang. 


The most important piece of legislation regarding the criminal activity of gang-members is called STEP Act (The Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act). In San Diego prosecutors are especially aggressive when it comes to prosecuting alleged gang activity. If you or a family member is facing a criminal charge with a gang-enhancement, they need an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for you. You need a criminal defense attorney who is willing to expose the prosecution's case for it's racial bias.