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Protect your child's future and freedom by hiring an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney who has an excellent track record of working with and counseling juveniles. 

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The Law Office of Nicholas J. Moore provides affordable and discounted legal services with the goal of closing the access to justice gap. For many cases we offer flat fees and payment plans to ensure that you can afford the representation that you deserve. Our top priority is client satisfaction. Whether starting a business, protecting your rights, or planning for your family's future, lawyers are frequently pricing hard-working people out of affordable legal solutions. Our mission is to ensure that you have the peace of mind that one deserves when seeking the counsel of an attorney. 



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What a Parent Needs to Know About Juvenile Court

Juvenile court is different from and adult court. For example, there are no jury trials in juvenile court. An experienced San Diego juvenile defense attorney understands the unique nature of a juvenile justice proceeding.  

How to Defend Against Juvenile Criminal Charges

Juvenile criminal charges are some of the most serious allegations in the California justice system because the consequences of a "true finding" could have severe, negative effects on the rest of that juvenile's future. Juvenile court is substantially different from a criminal court. There are no jury trials, only a trial by a judge. Having an experienced San Diego juvenile defense attorney can greatly increase the probability of a favorable outcome for your child. 

(1) Do not speak to the police - it is their job to investigate the crime, and anything you say might jeopardize your child's future. If you feel compelled to say anything to the police at all, simply communicate that your child has your love and support. 

(2) Call an attorney immediately.  If your child is in jail, your first call should be to an attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney can save you thousands of dollars on bail.  

(3) Attack every angle of the case - we are relentless in our defense because you expect nothing less than anything and everything that can be done to legally protect your child.  

If your child's future is on the line, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a strong track record of working with troubled teenagers. San Diego criminal attorney Nicholas Moore has worked with teens at the Milwaukee and San Diego YMCAs for over a decade and is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Mission Valley YMCA, and is also the Lead Advisor for the Mission Valley YMCA's Youth & Government program - a mock trial and model legislature program for high school students. Each year the YMCA brings over 3,000 students to Sacramento to "take over" the capitol. 


If your child is facing criminal liability, call today for a free consultation with an award-winning San Diego criminal defense attorney. 

What is the affect of Prop 57 on Juvenile Crime?

With the passage of Prop 57 a Judge will have the opportunity to decide whether to try a Juvenile as an adult on serious criminal charges.  Prior to the passage of Prop 57, Prosecutors could indirectly file criminal charges against Juveniles under powers given to them by Proposition 21 in the year 2000.  Now Juveniles accused of serious crimes have a fighting chance to not be tried as an adult. 

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