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San Diego Criminal Lawyer
San Diego Criminal Lawyer

Post Conviction Relief Options

Explained by a San Diego Criminal Lawyer 

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Post-Conviction Relief

You Have Options After a Conviction

A conviction is not the end of the road. There are many options available to you. 



California Penal Code 1203.4

There are no "expungements" in California - however you can have your plea removed and your case dismissed after a conviction if you have successfully completed probation. Our office offers free dismissals to anyone who financially qualifies for a San Diego County Court Fee Waiver. 


Early Termination of Probation

Speeding up the process

There are a number of reasons that judge's will consider when asked to grant early termination of probation. If you are currently on probation but would like to move, or have found a new job - you can motion to have your probation terminated. This is the first step towards a dismissal. 


Custody Re-Classification

Transferring you closer to home 

The California Department of Corrections makes their own custody status determinations, including where to house the inmate. However, there are some laws that have been recently passed (including reallignment) that demands certain types of defendants be housed within the county in which they were convicted. If this ultimately gets you closer to your family, it is worth looking into the changing of your custody status.   


Appeal Your Conviction

Hiring Your Trial Lawyer for Your Appeal Saves You Time and Money

The lawyer you took to trial may no nothing about appeals. We do! Nicholas J. Moore has experience as counsel of record on appeal. Nobody knows your trial, and the basis of your appeal like your trial lawyer. Because we worked the trial, we know the issues. Retaining counsel that is unfamiliar with your case will cost you money as they are brought up to speed. 



Many More Options

Restoration of Property - Firearm Rights - Professional License Reinstatement

Every criminal case is unique, so the full array of post conviction options depend on the specific facts of your case. We are happy to discuss the full array of options with you at any time.