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Practice Areas

Predatory Lending Schemes


Predatory Lending is no longer the exclusive province of big banks. These days, schools are being accused of pushing predatory lending schemes on students. California has targeted small lenders, appraisers, real estate brokers and individuals for predatory lending crimes.  Click here for more information on predatory lending crimes including definitions of applicable laws, examples of predatory lending, as well as potential defenses to a charge of predatory lending.  



California Real Estate Fraud Crimes

Explained by a San Diego Fraud Lawyer


Fraud charges can destroy a person's career and damage their reputation with their friends, family and the community. This is because the defining trait of a fraud charge is dishonesty, either for financial gain or to escape culpability. Fraud charges are usually complex, and document based. An experienced San Diego criminal attorney can sometimes successfully suppress the documents that form the underlying basis for fraud charges, and in doing so, make it likely the case will be dismissed, or the charges reduced. Below are some of the most common examples of fraud.  

Phantom Help Schemes


There are multiple types of phantom help schemes, some involving individuals such as a "foreclosure consultant," and some involving companies that provide "mortgage modifications." Click here for more information on phantom help schemes, including legal definitions, examples of, and defenses to a criminal charge for running a phantom help scheme. 

Phantom Help Attorney

Illegal Property Flipping


Flipping property in San Diego is lucrative because everybody wants to live in San Diego, and so it seems prices are perpetually on the rise. However, illegal property flipping is becoming more common. Click here to learn more about illegal property flipping, including legal defintions, examples of, and potential defenses to a charge of illegal property flipping. Depending on the specific facts of your case, illegal property flipping can lead to multiple criminal charges and significant jail time.  


Rent Skimming Laws


If you have purchased a property for the purpose of collecting rent revenues, you need to be careful to not run afowl of California rent skimming laws. There are strick legal and accounting protocols that must be followed. Speaking with a San Diego criminal lawyer is your insurance that you cannot be prosecuted, or that tenants cannot successfully sue you. San Diego criminal defense lawyers explain rent-skimming laws, including definitions, examples of behavior that could lead to civil or criminal liability, and defenses to charges of rent skimming. 


Straw Buyer Schemes


A straw buyer scheme is one of the most common types of California real estate fraud. A straw buyer scheme may also be referred to as illegal property flipping. Many times, people involved in straw buying schemes do not even realize they are involved in a criminal conspiracy. Click here for more information on straw buying schemes including legal definitions, examples of, and defenses to a criminal charge for a straw buying scheme.  

Foreclosure Fraud


Foreclosure fraud is one of the most commonly prosecuted type of real estate fraud in California - that is because foreclosures are public record, and the district attorney presumes that a person who purchases a home in foreclosure is preying on a desperate homeowner.  Learn more about foreclosure fraud, including legal definitions, examples of, and potential defenses to a charge of foreclosure fraud.