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This site is for information only. Use of this website does not create an attorney client relationship. This site is not legal advice. Legal advice is specific direction related to the unique circumstances of your legal issue. This website is not a substitute for a consultation with a California licensed criminal defense attorney. We invite you to contact us with any legal or criminal defense question you might have. 


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San Diego Criminal Lawyer
San Diego Criminal Lawyer
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Experienced and Reliable Trial Counsel 

"How to Win Your Case At Trial" Explained by a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer. Call today for a Free Consultation!

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How a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Will Win Your Case At Trial


Our Promise

Keeping You Fully Informed 

Trial is scary enough when you're fully informed, but absolutely frightening if you feel lost in the process. We promise to you that we are available 24/7 during your trial to answer all questions and concerns. We keep you fully informed so that you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that everything possible is being done to win your case. 


No Lawyer Can Guarantee an Outcome

It is absolutely unethical for any lawyer to guarantee a particular outcome of your criminal case. If you are concerned that we cannot guarantee victory, please understand that it is a rule that all lawyers must abide by for the protection of the consumer of legal services - you. 


Selecting the Right Jury 

How to use Voir Dire to Your Advantage

Eliminating bias in the jury pool is the first step to winning at trial. Every criminal case is unique so there is no one composition of a jury that is most likely to lead to victory. However, experienced criminal defense lawyers know what to look for in a jury pool to make sure the jury is sympathetic to your defense. 


Suppressing Past History 

Keeping the bad facts away from the jury

There are many opportunities to shape what the jury hears throughout the course of a trial. Objections must be made timely, and persuasively. However, some motions in limine can be brought to prevent witnesses from even testifying at the trial or preventing discussion on your medical condition.  


Using the latest technology to save cost

We use advanced trial tools to win your trial and save you money

Some testimony is not relevant, some testimony can be outright prejudicial and have little to no probative value. There may be some people that you do not want the jury to even know they exist - and we can make that happen by filing a motion to exclude witnesses from trial.  


Expert Level Usage of Microsoft Excel, Trial Pad, and Trial Director

We are power-users of Microsoft Excel. In a $7 million dollar embezzlement trial with over 100,000 pages of discovery, we leveraged the power of Excel to organize and analyze evidence in ways that I doubt many lawyers in this nation can do. We use top of the line presentation tools such as Trial Pad and Trial Director to present a compelling narrative to a jury. 


Compelling Closing Argument

Making sure an acquittal is the only possible outcome

Come in for a free consultation and get to know us. We don't want you to be afraid that to be persuaded by a criminal defense attorney makes you vulnerable - it does just the opposite. We are 100% behind any course of action you wish to pursue, and if you choose to fight at trial, we will deliver a closing argument that moves the jury. We are advocates - let us show you how much we can help you.