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California White Collar Crime

Explained by a San Diego Criminal Lawyer


White collar crime in California is typically comprised of crimes that require certain knowledge, expertise or status as an element. Common examples of white collar crime are forgery, bribery, and fraud crimes. Being charged with any collar crime (white or blue) is a serious matter, and a conviction does not mean that you will go to some "country club prison." You need to protect your rights and retain a San Diego attorney with significant white collar crime experience. Only a San Diego criminal lawyer with white collar crime experience understands how the Government will build its case, and what is the best course of action to protect you and your family.  

White Collar Crime is no longer a criminal charge exclusive to the rich and powerful. Many traditional white collar crimes, such as embezzlement, are prosecuted frequently at a misdemeanor level (meaning the total theft taken from an employer is under $950).  Check and credit fraud, while technically "wobblers" meaning they could be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, are routinely charged as misdemeanors when the amount of money does not exceed $950.  


Bribery charges are frequently brought when a speeding motorist, or an illegally parked car owner is trying to get out of a ticket. Sometimes officers have a chip on their shoulders and they construe an innocent plea for leniency as something more sinister.  


Few things can destroy your career like a white collar crime. A conviction for a white collar crime (such as: theft, insider trading, embezzlement, tax fraud or bribery) can be interpreted as a mark on your moral character - framing you as a dishonest person who is not to be trusted. 


If you have been charged or fear that you will be charged with a white collar crime it is absolutely essential to call an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney immediate. San Diego criminal defense lawyer Nicholas J. Moore has defended over $14 million dollars of white collar criminal charges at trial and appeal - and he will tell you how the government will build their case and how you can successfully fight these charges at trial. 



Auto Insurance Fraud

Health Care Insurance Fraud

Workers Compensation Fraud

Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud

California fraud charges encompass a wide variety of criminal actions, including forgery, embezzlement, intentional and negligent misrepresentations.  Fraud crimes, generally speaking, require you to:


1. Commit and act of dishonesty that results in your unfair financial gain


2. Someone else suffers a loss as a result. 


There are no "victimless" fraud crimes.  Ill-gotten gains cause someone to suffer a loss.  The most common types of fraud claims are insurance and employee fraud. An intentional misrepresentation to escape criminal liability is also a type of fraud crime. 


California Forgery crimes are comprised of the following types of behavior:


1. Creating or altering an official document, signature or seal.


2. For unlawful finance gain at the expense of another. 


You do not even have to have benefitted financial from the forgery, the fact that you created a false document or forged an existing document, signature or seal is enough to convict you of forgery.  



Bribery of a Public Official

Bribery of a Witness or Juror

Commercial Bribery

Bribery is a felony in California and can have serious long term career consequences, if you are convicted.  Those convicted of soliciting, giving or accepting a bribe cannot hold public office, may be denied security clearance, or may have a difficult time getting any job.  


We have experience defending public officials charged with soliciting and receiving bribes.  If you or a loved one has been accused of offering, soliciting, giving or receiving a bribe, you need to call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.  


Check/Credit Card Fraud

Check Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Welfare Fraud

Credit card fraud in California is one of the most common types of fraud claim. Some common examples of behaviors that can lead to credit card fraud charges in California are:


* Using someone else's credit card without their permission


* Using your own credit card without any intention of paying for the charges


* Using someone else's identity to open a new credit card.