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Award-winning San Diego criminal defense lawyer Nicholas Moore has defended over $7 million dollars in grand theft claims at trial, and appeal. If you are charged with theft, you need a criminal defense attorney who has substantial experience bringing theft cases to a jury.


A theft charge is a particularly egregious criminal allegation because it is considered a crime of moral turpitude, and a conviction will forever color you as an untrustworthy person. It is important to find a strong advocate to help you defend theft charges.  

How to Defend Yourself Against Criminal Charges of Theft

The definition of a theft crime is when a person takes property that does not belong to them - and intends to keep or use that property for their own personal gain. One of the most concrete defenses to a theft crime is a color of right - that is that you were the rightful owner of the property. You cannot be convicted of "stealing" property that belongs to you, as you are the true owner. In a criminal case, a defendant never has to "prove" anything. Simply raising the issue that the property was your property, and as true owner you had the right to possess it can be enouhg to raise "reasonable doubt," and lead a jury to proclaim you not guilty. 


Theft can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount allegedly taken. Under Proposition 47, a taking of property or cash of less than $950 is to be charged as a misdemeanor, while anything over $950 is charged as a felony. That means if you allegedly stole a few items of clothing from Nordstrom, and the total retail value of those items is over $950, then you will be charged with felony "Grand Theft."


San Diego criminal defense attorney Nicholas J. Moore has the experience you need when choosing the best attorney to defend you from a theft charge. He has taken over $7 million dollars of theft claims to trial by jury. In a recent case, the jury hung as to a special finding that the defendant took $1.3 million dollars from the alleged victim. Call our Law Office today for a free consultation with an award winning San Diego criminal lawyer. 

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