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Experienced and award-winning San Diego criminal lawyer who has won acquittals and dismissals for clients accused of assaulting a police office, battery, criminal threats, and other violent crimes. 

How to Defend Yourself Against Violent Criminal Charges:

A conviction for a violent crime will forever tarnish your reputation within the criminal justice system. All defendants are supposed to enjoy a presumption of innocence and the benefit of the doubt that is attached to that, but if you have a criminal conviction for a violent crime, then police and prosecutors will forever consider you a suspect for future violent crimes... even crimes committed by people who do not even remotely match your description. 


There are several types of crimes that are classified as violent crimes: Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Criminal Threats, and crimes involving weapons are just a few examples. If you have substantial training in martial arts, boxing or other combative sports, you could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon even though you had no weapon! 


The best way to defend yourself against accusations of violent crime is to find an experienced criminal defense attorney who is willing to be your advocate in court - one who will not pressure you into taking a plea-bargain that will mark you as a violent offender for the rest of your life for a crime you did not commit. 

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