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San Diego Criminal Lawyer

California Weapons Defense Attorney

The right to bear arms is a constitutionally guaranteed right, however it can be lost if you are convicted of a felony or other serious criminal offense. 


Award-winning San Diego criminal defense attorney Nick Moore will help you defend a weapons-related chage and protect your constitutional right to bear arms.  

How to Defend Yourself Against a Weapons-Related Criminal Charge

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the only way to properly defend yourself against a criminal charge. In my experience people who own firearms and other weapons are not bad people and they are often subject to false allegations by law enforcement simply because they are enthusiastic about their constitutional rights. People who own firearms are also some of the most educated people I know in the field of criminal law - and that is because they are responsible gun owners. 


I have successfully defended clients from weapons related charges by having evidence suppressed, and forcing the District Attorney to dismiss the charges. I know my clients who own firearms will be well read, and researched individuals - however I caution anyone doing internet research on the law to know how to spot Bad Legal Advice. There is a lot of bad legal advice on the internet. We make sure our clients are well educated on their rights and limitations under the law.